Fusion ERP

Fusion ERP

Next-generation of technology is just around the corner. Tomorrow’s leaders are shifting from edge to cloud technology. Migration from your traditional systems to innovation is not an easy task because it holds a lot of stakes and resources to make decisions and move. But sometimes high risks takers achieve high revolutions. DTC’s ultimate efforts ensure the full implementation of enterprise and supply chain solutions.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a complete and advanced cloud ERP suite that provides advanced capabilities and solutions to multiple teams in an organization. It provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to automate manual processes, analytical designs to react better to market shifts in real-time, and automatic updates to stay connected and get competitive benefits.

Oracle Fusion Financials

ERP financial package provides you with a new and advanced view of your financial position and results. It enables you to make better decisions within time. DTC assists you in implementing the ERP financial solutions for your systems that will enhance your financial stability and growth with the following features:

Accounting Hub
Analytics & Reporting
Assets & Payables
Revenue Management
Expense Management
Joint Venture Management

Oracle Fusion Application

Oracle Fusion is an intelligent collection of applications deployed on the Oracle cloud that makes your business efficient in numerous domains. It handles all your business processes with standard practices and procedures. With the implementation of the Oracle Fusion Application in your business architecture, you can make the optimal utilization of software and hardware along with the execution of Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM).

Why Oracle Fusion Application?

The question is, why should you choose oracle fusion applications? Here are a few advantages of Oracle Fusion:

  • It is a standards-based platform, so you no longer need to be concerned about meeting the industrial standards.
  • Oracle Fusion is a single data model application that tightly integrates into all the business domains.
  • Having Oracle Fusion in your business architecture, you can have a scalable, flexible, and adaptable system in place.
  • With Oracle Fusion Applications, you need not be concerned about security.
  • Automation of business processes with advanced tech like AI, RPA, ML, IoT, which can be easily deployed on the Oracle Fusion Data Architecture.

There are numerous realms; Oracle Fusion assists you in digitally transforming your business.

DTC’s team of Oracle experts provides you with their services in the following domains:
Oracle Fusion ERP

Instill intelligence and automation to your business enterprise resource planning with modern and optimized technologies of AI, ML, and RPA.

Oracle Fusion SCM

Streamline your supply chain management proceedings by integrating it with the applications based on cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Fusion HCM

Optimize your Human Capital Management processes by utilizing the insights about workforce and human resource management.

Oracle Fusion CX

Perform better handling of your customers by having all the necessary customer management tools like marketing, sales, and customer service in one place.

Oracle Fusion EPM

Enhance your financial and HR-based activities by streamlining your financial processes with the business architecture.

Quality/Health Check

DTC will help you analyze the system’s data and develop metric ratings and timeframes to measure different aspects of a product, such as functionality, reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability, and portability, to make your product internationally standardized.

At DTC, we ensure to utilize the best practices and IT governance architecture when it comes to application and digital transformation.

Organizational Assessment

To maintain the quality at work, organizations need to manage organization assessments plans. We help you organize strategic plans to maximize organization outcomes by reviewing distinctive processes, productivity, organizational charts, goals, and objectives or interviewing some employees.

System Assessment

System assessment is an action to determine acceptance of the product by measuring the specific documented assessment criteria. It includes:

    • Product Evaluation
    • Statement of the Product Quality
Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a process of identifying various potential business risks and analyzing the effects when any threat occurs. We will integrate long-term planning, enterprise development analysis, and treasury measure to keep your business’s assets and data secure. These strategies will enhance the power of your business even in a hazardous situation.

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