Gas Arabia Case Studies

About the client

Gas Arabia is a pioneering organization offering solutions to the oil & gas, petrochemical, steel, electrical, and such industries in KSA


Gas Arabia required DTC’s help in one of the critical requirements, demanding immediate value as the problem was related to the country regulation deadline.


DTC’s team came up with a solution to fulfil the customer requirements in the best possible way within the defined deadline.


DTC immediately summoned the focus group of DTC experts for supporting Gas Arabia. The solution was presented to the client on the very next day of receiving the requirements. After the quick approval and testing of the solution, DTC successfully closed this project with a happy client.

Risk Assessment

There was a high level of risk associated with the project that was in terms of the client paying penalty for non-meeting the government regulations.

Value Analysis

DTC has successfully helped Gas Arabia in meeting the government regulation in time.

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